Hey Lovelies!


I’m a Brazilian girl who has lived in LA for quite a while. Due to my work I’ve been constantly taking flights. My record is eight flights in only one week. When people ask me where do I live, I laugh and say, “Please, don’t ask difficult questions.” Because I live in an airplane.

My best friend even stopped asking me “How are you?”, now she asks me, “Where are you?”

Because of that I started making a joke of it by saying, “Hello, I’m in…” and then followed by a #whereisfernandaintheworld

So I decided, why not make a blog with that name and post about anything that interests me? No matter where I am in the world, home is where the heart is, and I don’t know about you, but my heart is inside my body.

Here I will talk about travel, books, movies, recipes, coffee, dark chocolate, love, fashion, or whatever pops in my head.


Come join me in this journey!


Share your thoughts with me

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